Gonzague welcome you to Champagne and Burgundy, 

to discover our beautiful vineyard landscapes, cellars
and caves,
inscribed as World Heritage list,

Wine expériences & Tours with Gonzague Descamps

to get a better understanding of our climate, soils and subsoils, « terroirs »

a better appreciation of the huge works of the vinegrowers to get the best grapes,

Soil’s protection and works,

ploughing, sometimes with horses

short and regulated handmade pruning,

disbuding, trellising, trimming,

leaves and grapes protection in a sustainable way,

sometimes using biologic or biodynamic methods,

picking of the ripe grapes by hand,

long, soft and fragmented pressing.

to increase your knowledge about the specific winemakings,

the maturation of the still wines and

the winemaker’s blending art

before bottling

focused on fineness, elegancy, purity,

and a long ageing in the cellars

and taste and appreciate many different champagne wines created by the

cellar master in a champagne house or some of the best producers, as a

Prestige Cuvée

Blended Champagne

Blanc de Blancs

Blanc de Noirs


and some rare single wineyard wines

NB : If you like many pictures above, it doesn’t mean that the all the champagne houses, producers, wines are available for visit or tasting. Some champagne houses are only open for professionals, and, about the best producers, the best of their time has to be in their vineyards and their winery to get the best grapes and create the best wines.

Wine expériences & Tours with Gonzague Descamps

Private and customized Champagne day tour from Paris or Reims - Epernay,...up to 3 days,

visiting one famous champagne house, smaller and high quality ones,

and very good producers exporting to your country.

Exemple :
2016 packages for 2 persons : Reims-Champagne-Reims 512 € - Paris-Champagne-Paris 806 €
2016 package for 6 persons : Reims-Champagne-Reims 544 € - Paris-Champagne-Paris 895 €
visit fees and customer’s lunch are not included
Quote and terms of sale on request
Payment by cash, Visa-Mastercard or bank transfer